Rasta Strikes Again With Portrait Of Leanne Manas

Artist Rasta has found himself in the trending list again with his portrait of SABC Morning Live presenter Leanne Manas.

Yesterday was Leanne Manas birthday and Rasta’s gift to her was a painting which many on social media felt looks nothing like the image it is based on.

Rasta shared the following image and captioned it “Happy birthday @LeanneManas @MorningLiveSABC Hope you enjoyed.”

When you thought Rasta would only paint you once you are dead and probably won’t have to see that painting. Well now he will paint you on your birthday and give you one shocking surprise.

Though Leanne Manas thanked Rasta on social media and wrote “Thank you so much Rasta – I really enjoyed my birthday!! Who’s the lady in the picture? she’s got a very…. unique. Love your work Sir!”

Great to see Leanne Manas is a great sport. Taking a looking at one users comment who posted the original image and the one Rasta painted.

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