Fans Worried About Babes Wodumo’s Weight Loss

Gqom musician Babes Wodumo’s weight loss has left many of her fans concerned on social media.

There is a picture of Babes Wodumo doing the rounds on social media, were she is sitting with Dlala Mshunqisi and DJ Sox.

A user on Twitter posted the picture and captioned it “What happened to Babes Wodumo?” with a worried and heartbroken emoji.

User pitched in with their own theories as to what could have possible led to Babes Wodumo’s weight loss.

On came to her defence and wrote “Nothing, She is Going through the struggles of Life, She took a wrong path, She is Finding herself…At this moment she probably needs an ear to listen, A shoulder to cry on and some Love.”

Another user pointed out how much users on social media love to talk regardless of the situation “If she gains weight yall talk and when loses weight yall still talk, why are we so obsessed with other people’s bodies, if you’re truly concerned about Babes Dm her and send her some love.”

Well I for one do recall that her boyfriend Mampintsha had a similar weight loss, and he was the talk of the town. So in conclusion there is nothing wrong with losing a few kilograms in the pursuit of being a little bit healthier.

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