What Happened To Asanda Foji?

Asanda Foji is an actress who was born in the Eastern Cape, in South Africa. She is also a MC, entrepreneur, she is into fitness and she is also a motivational speaker. Asanda is most notably known for her role of Simphiwe on Generations: The Legacy.

Some Background

Starting off with age for those that are curious, as of now she has chosen to keep her age a secret. Though looking at the pictures provided I will let you have a guess.

According to reports Asanda always knew from a young age that she wanted to act and such is reflected in her choices in education.

She attended Bishop’s primary school for her primary education. She attended Bishop’s High School for her secondary school education. She later studied Drama at New Africa Theatre in Cape Town and a Diploma in Media and Journalism.

Once Asanda Foji was done with her diploma in theatre, things were not easy. She struggled with securing a job as opportunities were not available which made it stressful to get a job. After a while, though, she eventually got lucky and was taken by Sowetan newspaper; working at the call center. She then left Sowetan for a job in Sandton at a clothing outlet.

Asanda Foji went on and landed her first stage acting role at the Market Theatre Laboratory in Newtown, Johannesburg. She then did industrial theatre before being introduced to a good acting agency by actor Dumisani Mbebe. This agency sent her to audition for the Generations, marking the start of her first big role on TV as Simpiwe.

In an interview on SABC 3’s Afternoon Express Asanda shared how it took her about six years to get onto Generations after leaving Cape Town for Gauteng. In her audition for Generations, she initially had auditioned to be Jason’s younger half-sister alongside Namhla, played by Thuli Phongolo, at the time she did not get the role.

This of course was before a group of Generations actors went on strike after demands for longer contracts (among other things) had not been met by the production and the SABC.

According to reports the Generations actors were threatened with dismissals if they did not return to work.

Around August 2014 the production of Generations MMSV Productions released a statement that said the contracts of the actors taking part in the latest strike had been terminated.

The statement read “MMSV Productions, following consultation with the SABC , have today [Monday] terminated the contracts of the striking actors on the SABC1 soap drama, Generations. The termination follows calls by both parties for the actors to return for recordings, following the start of their illegal strike.”

So 16 actors were fired and Generations took a break and would return in December of 2014 as Generations: The Legacy that we know today.

Back to Asanda this is when the actress eventually auditioned again for the role of Simphiwe, but in order for her to get that role, it took her six auditions to finally get her break through after being shortlisted amongst thousands of other hopefuls.

Not long after her debut on Generations, there were rumors that she had been fired from the show because the creators of the soapie were not happy with her acting. A number of publications ran with the story. This was around July 2015.

It seemed at the time that Asanda was not aware she had gotten the axe. She even took to social media and asked people to stop spreading rumours about her.

She wrote “People stop spreading rumours about me that I’m fired, I’m not!!!”

A Sowetan article wrote “The actress, who plays Mazwi Moroka’s fiance on the show, is apparently not cracking her role. The production team and the show’s creator and executive producer, Mfundi Vundla are reportedly not happy with her acting. 

“The producers thought by now that she would have cracked the role. They realised that the role is too big for her,” a source told the paper.”

The article goes on to say “when Sowetan contacted the actress, she is said to have been surprised by the news of her axing. She said: “I don’t know anything like that. Right now, I’m very shocked.” 

Mfundi did not want to entertain the story. He told Sowetan: “It is just rumours and I don’t entertain them.”

Well that is where all the rumours seemed to have stemmed from.

On the same Tuesday afternoon the day in which Asanda had written on Twitter that people should stop spreading rumours about her Generations: The Legacy released a press statement confirming that Denise Zimba had asked to be released from her contract and that Asanda would be also leaving the soap opera.

The statement reads “Simphiwe played by the lovely Asanda Foji is leaving Generations: The Legacy. She made a remarkable contribution to the soap and we wish her all the best with her future prospects. The show’s creator Mfundi Vundla also expressed his well wishes for the talented actress.”

Well it seems like Asanda was the last to know.

In an interview with Daily Sun just hours after the press statement was released, Asanda also seemed shocked by the news.

She said the following to Daily Sun when she was asked about the statement “What? I don’t know what you are talking about. I have not been told that. Maybe my agent is going to call me about that. I just don’t understand what is going on.”

What Happened To Asanda Foji?

After leaving Generations: The Legacy Asanda Foji invested her time and energy into creating her own Fitness range called Asanda Foji Gym Wear. Which was later changed to Foji Sportswear and then changed to Foji Sports as it goes by today. 

Going through her social media platforms you will see that she does a love for fitness and her body does look the part.

She has an online store where you can shop for fitness products. The website is www.fojisports.com.

In 2019 January Asanda shared the news that she was now a married woman. She posted the following images on Instagram and captioned it as follows ”Being your wife will be the greatest pleasure Mthembu, Qhudeni, Mvelase, S’ngadlamathiban’ indlali wile… We aren’t even close to being perfect but we are perfect for each other and I thank you for choosing me out of all these beauties out there, God really loves me!”

Earlier on we did say that Asanda knew she wanted to act from a young age and since her departure from Generations: The Legacy in 2015 July she hasn’t landed any major acting roles.

She did start a YouTube channel where she posts videos like this mental illness monologue.

She also started a series on her channel called the Asanda Foji Show where she talks news and showcases up and coming artists.

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