What Happened to Mabala Noise?

Mabala Noise is a record label that was co-founded by Reginald Nkabinde and Dj Bongz. The record became famous and signed some of the most successful artists in the country including Nasty C, Riky Rick, and Gigi Lamayne among others.

Formation of Mabala Noise

The record label was co-founded by DJ Bongz and Reggie Nkabinde in 2015. Reggie Nkabinde was by then the treasurer general of ANC Youth League and DJ Bongz was by then DJ Bongz. Originally, the entertainment label was known as Mabalabala, but was later renamed Mabala Noise.

Mabala Noise label was successful in signing major artists and looked to have a strong future.

Artist like:

DJ Bongz, Riky Rick, Ms Jones, Lvovo, Dj Chaynaman and rapper Du Boiz.

In 2016 Mabala Noise made a huge announcement that they had added 12 artists to their label.

1 – Nasty C signed with the label and would remain at the label until 2018 when he announced he had parted ways with the label.

2 – Gigi Lamayne who remained with the label until December of 2017.

3 – Zakwe wasn’t the most popular on the list at the time but went on to prove his merit.

4 – Zola was unveiled by Mabala Noise as one of their own artists in June 2016, the label would go on to claim that they had not signed Zola.

5 – Major League DJz twins were also unveiled as new signings though less than a year into them signing there were already rumours that the twins were ready to leave the label. The reason cited was allegations that Mabala Noise had failed to keep its side of the deal to pay them.

6 – PRO was also unveiled like Zola though later were said to have not been signed to Mabala Noise.

7 – DJ Finzo since he was unveiled as a news signing, he has remained in the background.

8 – Letoya Makhene actress and singer also joined the label.

9 – Jay Spitter was signed to the record label after the powers that be saw him while representing the Swati people during a performance.

10 – Kay Sibiya who is a model, television personality and actor were also signed to the record label. As the reports go, he is still at the label.

11 – Khanyi Mbau’s unveiling made people question whether the label was signing everybody in the entertainment industry. Though Khanyi Mbau has previously tried to launch a music career in 2010 which failed. She also gave music another tries in 2016 with the release of a freestyle called Press Play.

12 – Mbali Nkosi who is a presenter, dancer and singer also joined the label.

Then In July 2017, DJ Bongz turned to social media to announce his exit from the company to start one of his own entertainment labels known as Gwara Gwara Entertainment.

The Mabala Noise ship was starting to be shaky at the time though for the most part remained steady.

This was until Reggie silently pulled out as the company’s CEO in order to concentrate on his political career. Notably, Reggie was the label’s major contributor to its financial stability, and his exit came as a blow to the survival of the company.

The aspiring politician did not make his exit outright, and there are rumors that he had already given up his position months before making his exit plan public. By this time, some of the artists thought it was better to leave the company before they could be caught up by the destruction of the onetime prestigious entertainment firm.

Artists leaving Mabala Noise

Among the first artists to leave the label was Nasty C, the rapper who stood out as the crown jewel of the record label and signed a new deal with Universal Music Group.

Other notable artists to leave the Mabala Noise included Riky Rick and Gigi Lamayne.

Rick left the label in March 2017 after what is assumed to be the results of his acceptance speech during Metro FM awards.

Gigi left toward the end of the same year due to what she termed as creative differences. The exit of other key artists has raised questions regarding the future of the entertainment house.

So what happened to Mabala Noise?

Signs that Mabala Noise Entertainment was on the rocks started way back in 2016 when Nkabinde political rivals started accusing him of money laundering and corruption.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema alleged that Nkabinde was siphoning money meant for development in the ministry of water and sanitation to finance his interest in Mabala Noise.

According to Malema, the artists who allegedly benefited from the money were contracted to perform at parties. In addition, Malema brought to question how the embattled politician was able to give signed artists money amounting to R5 million each.

Coupled with the above allegations and the exit of the two co-founders of the record label. This brought to question Mabala Noise’s ability to manage artists and propel them in the music industry. Artists who had remained even in the face of the above allegations started to look for alternatives.

Critics have also argued that the label signed every person under the sun regardless of musical talent or potential.

While this may be harsh given that every artist was trying to be the best they could, it could have contributed to the dwindling image of the company albeit in the eyes of those who considered themselves to be better artists. This may somehow be true given that most of the remaining artists have been inactive in the music production front.

Despite rumors circulating about the closure of Mabala Noise, the label’s doors remain open for business operations. The current management, as well as the artists still signed with the company, have given assurances to the public that the company remains operational.

Despite this, it is certain that the image of the company is fading faster than what its management is making the public believe. Money seems to be one of the biggest challenges facing the company today.

Mabala Noise entertainment is currently a pale image of its former self.

With the exit of its co-founders and desertion by key artists, the firm has been struggling according to the reports to continue its operations in the music industry.

This scenario has been made worse with the circulating rumors that the company is on the verge of liquidation. Still, some hope remains that the company can bounce back and recapture its former glory.

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