What Happened to Dawn Matthews


Dawn Matthews is a South African actress who is best known for playing the villainous Shakira on the E.TV soapie Scandal. She made evil look so good.

Some Background

Matthews studied drama at Stellenbosch University. After she graduated in 1997 she performed in theatre around Cape Town.

Matthews would get her television break and has appeared in the following television shows.

  •  Soutmansland
  • Egoli
  • Song vir Katryn
  • Amalia
  • Interrogation Room
  • Scandal
  • The Comedy Central Roast
  • Who Do You Think You Are?


She has even featured in a horror movie called Snake Island in 2002.

What Happened to Dawn Matthews

Dawn Matthews
Dawn Matthews

Well after almost 10 years playing the role of Shakira on ETV Scandal Matthews left the soapie.

Oh but she didn’t just stop at leaving Scandal. She left South Africa and moved to USA with her husband who is from the USA.

Once we start moving to Mars I am sure that Matthews will be on one of the first spaceship heading to Mars.

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She is doing mommy stuff now. Like watching kids play soccer and taking a selfie. Celebrating #NationalSelfieDay. Taking pictures of the street of San Francisco of course. You know typical housewife mommy stuff.

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