10 Celebrity Weight loss Transformations

We have all heard the saying that being on television adds like 10 kilograms to your actual weight. Perhaps with the introduction of all these wide screen tv’s and such I could somewhat believe that. Here are 10 Celebrity Weight loss Transformations.

10 Kabelo Mabalane (Booga luv)

Kwaito star and former TKZ member has turned into a fitness and health expert. He has lost weight, has been sober for over 14 years, wrote a book and even did a weight-loss reality show to help other people who are struggling with their weight.

09 Dineo Moeketsi

She is one of the most beautiful woman celebrities. Dineo has never been shy about sharing her ambitions to lose some weight and fitness goal. She started her fitness journey in 2013 and has been look fit ever since.

08 Clinton Brink

Clinton was never really fat too begin. He was more chubby and very far from being “overweight.” He did begin a fitness program which got him ripped and revealed layers of muscle.

07 Zolani Mahola

The Freshly Ground artist and you might remember these lyrics “Even though I have fat thighs, flabby arms, my pot belly still gives good loving” please do forgive my singing. Mahola no longer has that pot belly and looks trim and fit. I wonder if she still gives good loving though.

06 Trevor Gumbi

Comedian Trevor Gumbi has shed the kilograms like it was no joke. He committed himself to a fitness program and is reaping the slim rewards. He also does a lot of running.

05 Pabi Moloi

Television presenter, actress and radio DJ. I remember her on strictly come dancing in 2013. She was looking lovely obviously, but had gained some weighted. She must have embarked on a fitness regime as in 2015 she was summer body ready.

04 Cassper Nyovest

Rapper, Entrepreneur and mr #FillUp. He has stated that he is trying to lose weight for his upcoming #FillUpFNB event on the 2nd of December 2017. Which then leads me to ask the question is Cassper Nyovest planning to rap or is he planning to play a soccer game on stage? I suppose I will find out the answer to that burning question at #FillUpFNB.

03 Tumi Morake

Comedian and former Our Perfect Wedding presenter Tumi Morake shocked the country with her weight-loss transformation. According to reports she got a wakeup call when she collapsed at work and was told she was at of a heart attack. This prompted her to live a healthier lifestyle.

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02 Proverb

Rapper and television personality Proverb. Known for spitting out thoughtfully lyrics, but looked more like he was eating most of them. He shared that at one point he was 100kg and going out became a mission. He also didn’t like being seen. He went on a fitness programme tailor made to fit his life style and has since shed about 20kg.

01 Unathi Msengana

Singer and Idols judge Unathi has also been very open about her battle to get fit and healthy. She has lost the weighted and is looking fit to the “t.” I should also mention that she can also push a vehicle all by herself. Next time your car is stuck and you need to kick start it, you know who to call.

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